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Surrendering of False conqueror- Part-2

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“ Raandira Bara Nahin ki Khandira Ghara Nahin.”

Surrendering of false conqueror is not due to loss of fighting spirit or lack of military capability of Magadha at the time of Kharavela. It is only the hiding face on the open market to face actually the depth of war. Religious mask dress is not a permanent phenomena and it can’t be sustained for long time. It is of a short span period and religious cloud over real God can’t be sustained for a long, and that particularly happened at the time of Mahameghabahana.

Recent archeological evidence and new technology guide a great extent to know the unknown facts of Kalingan voyage and civilization. Katak, Puri, Konark in modern Iran to sounding Kalingan drum in Indonesian sub continent is a sounded evidence. Kalingan sound all over Phillipines after successful voyage and establishment in Indonesian sub continent is another land mark of civilization. If we read following story of voyage and civilization then we can know the zealousness of neighbor to rule over India is the motive behind the conflict between Magadha and Kalinga.

Kalinga(Odisha) to Indonesia and then to Phillipines

“Hinduism in Bali” an article written by Dr. I.G.P.Phalgunadi, eminent Hindu scholar from Bali (Indonesia) who conducted field work in Odisha and while staying with Odia families he studied the similarities between Odia and Indonesian culture. He spent more than decade in India for research on Hinduism and Indian immigration to Indonesia. He is the author the book “Evolution of Hindu Culture in Bali”.



When we refer to thousand year old ties which unite us with India, it is not at all a hyperbole.

In fact, it was about 2000 years ago that the first navigators, Indian merchants and Brahmins brought to our ancestors their gods, their techniques, their organization. Briefly India was for us what Greece was to Latin Orient.[ Norodom Sihanouk, Head of the State of the Royal Government of Cambodia]



Irrespective of religion, the Indonesian culture was essentially Hindu culture and most of the people were Hindus (or Buddhists) at one time or the other. The term “Hindu” is used in Indonesia in a very broad sense. It is meant for both Buddhist and Brahmanical religion. So Buddhists are also treated as Hindus. The language of Indonesia which is also now the National language of Malaysia and Singapore is the Bahasa (i.e. ‘Bhasa’ of Sanskrit) Indonesia. That is primarily based on Sanskrit words but is not indebted as much to Arabic or Persian or a European language. So, we can find Muslims and Christians having Hindu names in Indonesia. But there are different dialects and scripts for different provinces, especially for Bali and Java. Javanese sounds much like Odia, ending in ‘O.

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Indonesia to Africa

Madagascar, an island nation located off the east coast of Africa having greater evidence of biological , and linguistic , links to Island Southeast Asia, specifically Indonesia. Kalingan Bali Yatra a festival to mark the voyage celebration has proved greater relation with Indonesia and celebration of Kartik Purnima and Voyage similarity is the great answer to all archeology and evidence of History. In Madgascar which is of East Coast of Africa showing the connection or archeological account is to be seen in a broader sense.

Kalinga Leading India and India in the World Scenario

If we refer to certain findings by modern scholars of different field it is to be clear that the Indian settlement in all over the world is not only a Vedic rhythm, India is the mother of all civilization.Geologists believe connected Southeast Asia with Indonesia, by a rise in sea level caused by comet activity between 6000 and 4000 B.C. Fleeing their homeland, these peoples took their knowledge of pyramid building with them into Sumeria, Mesopotamia, Egypt, China and Peru.

1.Asian explorers traveled to the New World 2000 years before Columbus and documents the “fundamental and enduring role played by Asian merchants in the formulation of Mayan religion, astronomy, metal casting, architecture, writing and commerce[Gunnar Thompson- Nu Sun]

2.Is it a mere coincidence that pyramids are found throughout our globe? Did cultures ranging across vast spaces in geography and time, such as the ancient Egyptians; early Bud-dhists; the Maya, Inca, Toltec, and Aztec civilizations of the Americas; the Celts of the British Isles; and even the Mississippi Indians of pre-Columbus Illinois, simply dream the same dreams and envision the same structures? [ Robert M. Schoch, Robert Aquinas McNally]

3.Ancient cultures traveled great distances by sea. Indeed, he believes that primeval sailors traveled from the Eastern continent, primarily Southeast Asia, and spread the idea of pyramids across the globe, particularly to the New World of the Americas where they abounded until the days of the Conquistadors.[ Thor Heyerdahl in his classic Kon-Tiki]

4. The fact that Spaniards noticed that the Virasaiva sect of Saivism was present in what are now South Western United States and Northern Mexico proves the India-Indian’s assertion that they were colonizing and visiting America until the 13th century A.D.[India once Ruled America- G.D.Matlock]

5. Presence of pyramids all over the world and speculates about a common cultural source for the pyramid building. Schoch cites linguistic, cultural, artistic and genetic artifacts that link populations widely scattered across the world. He makes a compelling case for populations to have crossed the oceans in extreme antiquity leading to the above exchanges[Voyages of the Pyramid Builders by Robert M. Schoch,Robert Aquinas McNally]

EGYPT-In Voices of the Rocks, Dr. Robert M. Schoch examines these and other crucial questions about our past and shows how the answers can guide us in the future. In 1990, Robert Schoch, a scientist and tenured university professor, traveled to Egypt and conducted geological testing to evaluate the accepted date for the construction of the Great Sphinx of Giza. His research revealed that the Sphinx is actually thousands of years older than previously supposed, a discovery that upended the standard history of ancient Egypt.[ Voice of the Rocks by Robert M. Schoch,Robert Aquinas McNally]

AMERICA-Humanity, which originated in Asia, was scattered by movements of expansion, on the one side towards the West(Asia Minor), Egypt etc. to create western culture there, Graeco-Latin of European, and on the other towards the east, to India, China, Japan and the Islands of South Seas. And those who first arrived on the continent, later to be known as America, were groups of men driven by the mighty current that set out from India towards the east.[Hindu Americ:pp.14-15]

MAYA-As far as Nahuati, Zapoteca, and Maya languages are concerned, they are of Indo-European (Sanskrit) origin.[G.D.Matlock-India Once Ruled Americas]

MEXICO-The Official Historian of the Mexican Government says in General outline-Hindus Reach America first.

AFRICA-The colonization of Madagascar, an island nation located off the east coast of Africa, is one of the more unusual events in human prehistory. Malagasy, a term that denotes the island’s people and their language, shows both biological , and linguistic , connections to east African populations. More surprisingly, there is unequivocal evidence of biological , and linguistic , links to Island Southeast Asia, specifically Indonesia.

If we going through the above , one can realize that the Neighbour’s envy is the reason for conflict between the Kalinga and Magadha . Even in recent time neighbor says about the Odia Language and it is also the byproduct of Neighbour’s envy . When Kharavela putting the false conqueror under his feet for public seeing, it is not only a mass advertisement of military power. This surrender is not of a King only, but of a whole vision of punishment to them , those who are certifying the Invaders to Invade India for personal political gain under religious mask. Salience of violence and surrender of false conqueror without weighing war is justifying a Odia Dhaga-“ Raandira Bara Nahin ki Khandira Ghara Nahin.”




*Bara=Husband (Yavana)//At the time of Loot India Loot Yavanas are with you(Magadha), but at the time of your need they fled away after successful plundering of India.

*Ghara=Home (Ruling over India)//Killing own Brother and Killing own people and enjoying Monarchy can‘t give the status of a King of India.


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Article By : Swagatika Pati

Research on the most debated topic about Kalinga War. It is a misnomer that Ashoka win the war and he is a changed man after the war. Ashoka not a Hero but a Villian for National History.


  1. The article by Swagatika is very much sought after & encouraging.The Odia youths to-day hardly interested in History and Culture of Odisha.Now a few Young devotes like her in different parts of world find an onerous job in highlighting our heritage & culture at the brink of extinction. Hats to her & the Neobriegade …Deshraj …

  2. It is a burning issue now the state carrier Indian Airlines have suspended air taxis from Biju patnayak Airport to Chennai Kolkata and other destinations.Earier direct flyights to Banarasi,Patna Raipur had been scrapped .The state carrier IA now arbitrarily singled out BBI which is unacceptable.It has already affected the Tourism,social &industrial prospects of Odisha.Now all the concious elite citizens of Odisha wherever they are raise an word of protest in all forums to resume air services to kolkata,Guahati,Patna,Banarasi Chennai & Raipur the earliest. It is a mockery when BBI is likely being declared as International airport..Deshraj…


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