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OMFED has decided to hike the price of milk by Rs 2.

Odisha State Co-Operative Milk Producers Federation Limited (Omfed) has decided to hike the price of milk by Rs 2 per litter from 4th February.

The current price of toned milk is Rs 26 per litter, after increase it will be Rs 28, as part of the effort to rationalize the cost of production and the sale. and also the price of double toned milk will be increased by Rs. 2. It will be Rs. 26 from Rs. 24.

The milk farmers will get the direct benefit from this increase. All the increase amount they will get. Like now they are getting Rs. 18.50 per liter after increase they will get Rs. 2.50 per litter. In this initiative more people will be interested for Milk production business.

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