Let us go with the path of Anna Hazare

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Kisan Baburao Hazare(born fifteen June 1937), popularly called Anna Hazare is an Indian social activist who led movements to push rural development, increase government transparency, and investigate and punish official corruption. additionally to organizing and inspiring grassroots movements, Hazare frequently conducted hunger strikes to any his causes—a tactic reminiscent, to many, of the work of Mohandas K. Gandhi.Hazare additionally contributed to the event and structuring of Ralegan Siddhi, a village in Parner taluka of Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra, India. He was awarded the Padma Bhushan—the third-highest civilian award—by the govt of India in 1992 for his efforts in establishing this village as a model for others.

Anna Hazare started an indefinite hunger strike on five April 2011 to exert pressure on the Indian government to enact a stringent anti-corruption law, The Lokpal Bill, 2011 as envisaged within the Jan Lokpal Bill, for the establishment of an ombudsman with the facility to cope with corruption in public places. The quick led to nation-wide protests in support. The quick ended on nine April 2011, on a daily basis once the govt accepted Hazare’s demands.

The government issued a gazette notification on the formation of a joint committee, consisting of state and civil society representatives, to draft the legislation.
For the year 2011 Foreign Policy magazine named him among high a hundred world thinkers.Also in 2011 Anna was ranked because the most influential person in Mumbai by a national daily newspaper.He has faced criticism for his authoritarian views on justice, together with death as punishment for corrupt public officers and his alleged support for forced vasectomies as a technique of family designing.

Jan Lokpal Bill

The Jan Lokpal Bill, conjointly spoken because the Citizen’s ombudsman Bill may be a draft anti-corruption bill necessitated by outstanding civil society activists in India seeking the appointment of a Jan Lokpal, an freelance corruption investigation body. This draft bill has conjointly proposed enhancements to the Lokpal and Lokayukta Bill 2011,which was to be glided by Lok Sabha in December 2011.
The Jan Lokpal Bill aims to effectively deter corruption, redress grievances of voters, and shield whistle-blowers. If created into law, the bill would produce an freelance ombudsman body known as the Lokpal (Sanskrit: protector of the people). The body would be empowered to register and investigate complaints of corruption against politicians and bureaucrats while not previous government approval.
The prefix Jan signifies the actual fact that these enhancements embody inputs provided by “ordinary citizens” through an activist-driven, non-governmental public consultation.



  1. SURENDRA says

    Anna is now failed utterly. Such a senior leader should think that changes comes slowly.

  2. SURENDRA says

    Poor show by Anna he has forgotten that cycle of improvement is very slow. He was interest to remove corruption in one day utter failure.

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