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BATASH AMAR GHAR This is a collection of Poems in Bengali by Mr. Rajkishore Dash.  In this collection some thirty odd Odia Poems of Mr. Dash (Deshraj) have been translated into Bengali by Dr. Neeta Banarjee.



Book Name         :        BATASH AMAR GHAR

Publication          :        Prabha Prakashan,

                                  Radhanath Mallick lane,

                                  Kolkata 12

                                   Pblished in the year 2009


Cost                     :      50 INR


Mr. Raj Kishore Dash (Retd. IPS) is popularly known as Deshraj in literature circle.  Poet Deshraj is a modern poetic voice of eighties; he is clear in his tone without ambiguities with a romantic chor and very very special in his vision.


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