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Regional Museum of Natural History

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Regional Museum of Natural History, Bhubaneswar, is an Eastern regional centre of the National Museum of Natural History, under the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. of India, New Delhi.

The goal of the museum is to impart non-formal environmental education to the public in general and the student community in particular in order to inculcate awareness about the importance of flora, fauna, and subsequent conservation of our natural resources.

Situated in the temple city of Bhubaneswar, Orissa, near Acharya Vihar Square on National Highway 5, this museum is yet another destination and a meaningful visit for students, adults, and family members from all sections of society.

An aesthetically designed building and landscape set the tone for an informal and joyful learning experience about our natural heritage and the importance of its conservation. It offers an exciting opportunity for a hands-on and mind-on activity to interact with the exhibits under recreated environment to attain knowledge about the harmony of plants and animals and their interrelationships in nature.


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