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Durga Puja in Odisha

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Durga Puja Odisha (Orissa) – Worship to the deity of power is well known by the complete Hindu fraternity normally and Bengalis specially within the variety of Hindu deity puja. The festival takes place within the month of Aswin or Hindu calendar month i.e. Gregorian calendar month and Oct per English people calendar. AN aggravated gay spirit engulfs each one because the 10 armed image of the gorgeous nonetheless fierce goddess is erected within the puja pandal.



Durga Puja at RasulGarh
Durga Puja at RasulGarh

The clay idol of the deity is decorated with immaculate ornamental items, small lights and exquisite flowers. The deity sitting on a lion is shown killing the ‘Buffalo Demon’- Mahishasura in the course of her 2 sons, Lord Ganapati and Kartikeya, and 2 daughters deity Laxmi and Saraswati presents a very powerful image standing faithful its equivalent word ‘Goddess of Power.’ The arti ceremony that takes place early each morning and evening may be a grand affair wherever the praises of the deity square measure sung describing her gumption and valiance. The sweet fragrance of incense adds to the charm.

And Odisha (Orissa) being a Hindu state additionally observes this competition with an excellent eclat and show. although Hindu deity Puja is well known within the month of Oct, celebrations begin weeks ahead. the complete state strikes a unique chord altogether reechoing the music of amiableness, brotherhood and recreation.

The ceremony continues for 3 days with the immersion ceremony following on the fourth day. the photographs square measure taken in an exceedingly vast procession to the closest stream or tank and square measure immersed there with loud music being vie within the background. Youth bows right down to the elders when this to hunt blessings and be endued with power just like the deity.

Nayapalli Durga Mandap
Nayapalli Durga Mandap


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