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Narendra Modi – A Game Changer for 2014 general election?

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Sushma Swaraj’s statement that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is a fit candidate for the Prime Minister’s post – This is perhaps the first time that she has gone even half ways towards ‘endorsing’ Modi’s name, which is significant in itself. This is indeed good for BJP for the forth coming election in 2014, which is less than 18 months away. If and When Gujarat results are out and Modi wins with clear majority for the 3rd time as predicted by the exit polls, they should start the formal work on the parliamentary election scheduled for 2014 with Modi as the PM candidate. This would give them a chance to fight well and a possible win, given the corruption allegations which are arching a crescendo even as of now and more would tumble out in the due course.

Arvind Kejriwal 0910 295Arvind kejrewal’s onslaught would also help BJP, since Modi is clean and accepted by the nation as a clean politician, who shuns Corruption. The opposition can paint him as communal, but can never paint him as corrupt and that is a good point in favor. His development of Gujarat can be a role model for the whole nation. On the Alliance partners, Nitish Kumar would dither, but that is not a big loss, since even in Bihar BJP is somewhat strong and can capture more than 30% of the seats, while Lalu and Paswan are spent forces.

On the other hand Modi ‘s personal Charisma would bring to their fold Jayalalitha of TN and Naveen Patnaik of Odisha, which would be a big gain. Given the antipathy of Mamta to Congress she can be worked upon. Mayawti can be swayed, since Mulyam would go with congress.

bjp ecoastalworldOverall, it is a good sign that the Wisdom has downed on BJP leadership (Sushma, Jaitley and others) that it is better to project Modi and get a shot at forming the Govt, rather than again struck as opposition for another term; since this is the best possible chance they would get. It is only the old man like L K Adhvani who is still holding out with hope and personal ambition, which needs to be worked upon to support Modi. After all people of India needs development and moreover fed up of the Govt being corrupt and style of functioning. We all had high hope on Manmohan Singh in 2004 and 2009 and his team, alas only to see them not living up to expectation!

Personally I feel – Modi is the most acceptable PM candidate of many Indians with nationalist values. BJP would be cheating them if it fields someone else as their PM candidate. The country has had enough of the incumbent PM adorning the highest executive post of the country, which holds personal ambitions above country’s interests and enjoys working as a second fiddle to a devious ignoramus. His policy has been and rightly so, to treat every Indian equal. If some people imply pampering by equality, it is they who need to correct their stand. With Modi at the helm, these largely ignorant and opportunistic regional parties will have to choose between a clean, honest and truly secular leadership and a corrupt and pseudo-secular one.

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  1. We people are at a crossroad; either we are going to opt for a continuation of dynasty, and politics that are driven by dynasty, or we’ll be able to make the big leap to the 21st century and modern day politics where the person who is the most competent and the most qualified will win the race. At this point of time Modi fits the bill, wish people of India should give him a chance.

  2. Given the depths to which we have permitted politics to sink our social, economic, political and geo-political interests, India’s future is at grave risk.

    The long term national resources are being swindled by politicians in collusion with some bureaucrats and industrialists. The future of Indian citizens and even future generations are being pledged for vulgar personal gains. Instead of developing human resources and giving it an opportunity to blossom, to build a strong, powerful and honest India, poor people are made pawns in the dirty of game of politicking being played by the powerful and mighty. If this is allowed to continue, the loss to the Nation would be so high that retrieving ground would be very costly to the Nation, besides taking decades.

    Luckily, we now have General Elections due, and we have a chance to replace the Central Government in about 7 months with a more responsive and responsible one. Unfortunately, politics across the spectrum has sunk to such levels, that there are not really too many good alternatives, and not many are credible in the eyes of aamaadmi.

    Only a responsible and competent leader can retrieve India from the precarious situation. And we believe, not only is Narendra Modi one of the most competent such leaders, but also he’s the one who is within striking distance of becoming the PM, among the few competent leaders.

    There is one upcoming group of Indian patriots who are from all corners of the world and have sincere wish to work for change for better and bring back India’s lost glory. They have been inspired by the work done by Gujarat government under the leadership of Mr. NarendraModi since last 15 years. You can visit their website modiforpm.org for more information.


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