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How to prepare for an Audition

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An audition is a one time shot. You have one chance to make impression on the director. If you loose it the job will goto some one else. There is no way to guarentee a perfect reading or something can help when prepareing for an audition.

Before audition
Research about the production if you have no idea what the production is about you will have no idea what the director is looking for. Find the copy and read it. Read it more than once. Know the details of the audition. What the director looking for the audition. Choose your audition piece. When choosing audition piece play to your strengths. If you are 22-years-old don’t attempt to play an octo generation. If you don’t do well do not try once during an audition. You show to director best of your perfermance. An audition is not the time to try something it’s the time for do something.

Jangyaseni Behera, M.A. in Journalism
Jangyaseni Behera, M.A. in Journalism

Audition Day
Be well rested. Do not stay out late party night before. Get a full night sleep. It not only help you look your best but it will ensure that your voice is strong. Dress up professionally. Not too racy or flashy.
Remember that the director will be looking at more than simply your acting skill they want to know what type of person you are. So well behaved to everyone .Bring a resume with you all times. Do warm up.. warm up your body and voice as would before a performance .
Don’t be over chatty When you enter the audition room. Unless otherwise instructed simply introduce yourself….

After Audition

Don’t rush out when you finished. Wait for additional instruction when you are finished with your prepared pieces. The director may want you to read from the script or may ask different question. It means that you have made enough of an impression for them to take some extra time with you.

Be greatful make sure to thank the director for the opportunity to audition………


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