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Know about Khiching (A place at Mayurbhanj District)

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Khiching is an ancient village in the Mayurbhanj District of Orissa, India. it’s the abode of Maa Kichakeswari Devi. Here was designed a superb temple from Black Stone.

Khiching is found fifty km east of Keonjhargarh town and twenty-seven km west of Karanjia. There are many villages within the vicinity, together with Sukruli, Naupana, Kakharupana, Salabana, Viratagada, Kichakagada. different nearby villages are Singida.

The most important festival in Khiching is Sivarathri, which is celebrated over seven days. the most important tourist attraction of Khiching is the Temple Of Maa Kichakeswari. The temple was created in the year 920/925. The temple suffered at the hand of the invaders. King of Mayurbhanj, Maharaja Pratap Chandra Bhanjdeo reconstructed the temple in the year 1934 spending an approximate quantity of Rs.85,000.00. The height of the temple is a hundred ft (30 m) and the total space is 1764sq.ft. The main temple remains closed between twelve noon to three PM. there’s a museum created by Maharaja Purna Chandra Bhanjdeo in the year 1922.


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