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Erasama village imposes for liquor ban, violator to pay pecuniary punishment.

This article is over 8 years old.

JAGATSINGHPUR Apr 10: The residents of Baliakani village in Pokhariapada Panchayat under Erasama block were a much sought villagers , the liquor vend and its consumption is to shut, after the villagers unanimously decided to ban sale of liquor in locality, if anybody defied the order would be paid pecuniary punishment.
Report said that the Balikani village becomes first in the Jagatsinghpur district ban sale of liquor and alcohol consumption.
According to villagers said that prohibition of liquor sale it would leave a huge impact on the rate of accidents and crime. Domestic violence could be curtailed if the men were kept away from alcohol and crimes too would fall in village.
Our coastal village was a perennial hub for both foreign brand and country made liquor flow since years. Several times we have approached police and excise department seeking action against the liquor vendors but received no result, last year we had resorted protest before Erasama police station taking action against a couple who has been fetching alcohol in village but cops had taken lukewarm action, many villagers rued.
But one week ago we residents determined to act together for the liquor ban, women and students joined in the campaigning and received a tremendous response among villagers, again we approached Erasama police station arresting the culprits fetching liquor at village. Police acted promptly on receiving our complaint, raided few locations at village where seized huge quantity of liquor and arrested two vendors allegedly flourishing alcohol trade in locality.
Being impressed with cops’ action, we villagers on Tuesday converged at our community center and discussed enforcing the ban on liquor sale and saw overwhelming support of residents and women as result imposed the ban , and proposed to impose fine against the liquor users, informed villagers.
Erasama police station IIC Laxmidhar Swain said that, the action of Baliakani villagers is the sort of thing that could set a precedent banning alcohol sale, and added imposing pecuniary fine against the violator is not legally permissible and he suggested creating awareness among the villagers against liquor use, IIC added.
Moreover, Report said that alcoholism has been quite an issue in Erasama villages and women are the ones who suffer its ill effects.


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