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Ramayana in Bali(Indonesia) to Buddhism All around the world

This article is over 11 years old.

1.This is Abhayagiri dagoba under renovation.

2.Archaeological excavations in Anuradhapura have shed new light on writing in ancient Sri Lanka.

3. Researchers from Cambridge University dated these to 500-600 BC. The dates have been accepted by foreign experts. Buddha’s year of birth also falling between 500-600BC period. That mean just after Buddhism developed in India it was reaching Sri Lanka through navigation.

4. The letters in the writings were almost identical to the Asokan script used 200 years later in India.

5. It clearly shows Asoka just following Buddhism and Buddhism was developed much before in Sri Lanka by Kalingan,

6. A tile with ‘Anuradha’ scratched on it, in what seems to be prakrit letters, was found by students at the excavation level dated to 900 BC. The place name now is Anuradhapur may be due to its ancient name and the tile proof this.

7. Historian thinks that Sri Lanka probably received the Brahmi script through the sea route from Kalinga. Kalinga is the best option , again named Tissa a Sinhala king named in Kalingan Edict at Dhauli will be an added proof.

8. The great Bodhi-tree at Anuradhapura is an offshoot of the Great Bodhi tree seated under which the Buddha attained Enlightenment, and thus remains the oldest historic tree in the world, Sri Maha Bodhi planted at the ancient Tissarama by king Devanampiya Tissa in the 3rd century BC. Since then the Bodhi tree shrine remains to this day the most venerated sacred monument worshipped by world Buddhists .

9. Here Devanampiya Tissa is a famous Sri Lankan king , so that edicts in India in which Devanampiya depict is not solely attributed to Asoka only. Devanampiya is a Buddhist salutation. So that every Devanampiya is not Asoka.

10. Asoka is just politically utilised the Buddhism to retain its monarchy.

11.Those who are advocating Asoka champion of spreading Buddhism out side India then they should think how Hinduism develop in Indonesia and south east Asia? Ramayan in Bali and Odishan ‘Danga Bhasa’ celebrated in Thailand as ‘Loy Krathong’ festival developed by whom? Magadha, Kalinga or Asoka?

12. Only saying of Buddhism by Asoka not only wrong on archeological account but purely wrong on historical account also.

13. Kharavela edict pointing towards Nanda king not Asoka for conflict . Again without returning Kalinga Jina only advocating Buddha Buddha meaningless transformation and a political gimmick.


  1. cambridge is not a reliable university, it’s a uk university and we all know how reliable those idiots are.

  2. So what is this retard trying to say? Brahmi came from lanka to India? and then lanka was already a part of India so I don’t think this should even be a news. Brahmi was first used in North and South India at around the same time.


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