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It has rightly been acclaimed in the Mahabharata –“Arthasya puriso daso dasastuartho na kasyachit.” That is man is the servant of wealth and the wealth is not the servant of anybody.
No doubt, money is an essential thing. It is the money through which we can purchase all the necessary comforts and amenities of life. If you have money you can obtain what seem impossible to others. It is the money which gives man confidence , credit worthiness’, credential capacity, capabilities and courage . in present day materialistic world, money has become very powerful. The prestige, respect , social status, commanded by a person is calculated as per his monetary status.

01 cashpile cartoonTime has gone when we valued a person in term of his moral and ethical values. People were earlier known for keeping their words for donating everything to a lone. Now people are known in terms of their ranking in the list of rich of the world. Money is regarded as omnipotent by few people particularly by the poor. As whatever one does not possess one aspires it badly and it become mono aim to achievement. For the rich without caring even their own health, own family. They are servant of money. Earning money not for the sake of themselves but for the sake of money and a times comes they find themselves unable to use the money for their happiness.

Can one purchase anything with the power of money ? No one can purchase the lost youthfulness with money .you can not purchase time from death at any cost. Excessive love for money make a man slave of money . it is important for a human being those who use money for fulfilling their necessities , Acquiring reasonable comfort and for the welfare of a common good are the master of money.
So it proved that money is the good servant but a very bad master. Let us use the money for the comfort not for the minting more and more money………..


  1. In this materialistic world money is essential, people may say money is not everything but matter of fact money is what money does.


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