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THE LAST VALLEY This is a collection of Poems in Telugu by Mr. Rajkishore Dash.  In this poetry collections Poet Rajkishore Dash is found to be life affirming, elegiac and anatomizes the varieties of loss with all sharpness,crafty artist, meditative in his tone, lover of nature, man and best. His Odia poems in the collection have been translated by noted Anglo-english writers Shree Jayanta Mahapatra, Bibhu Padhi and Prof. Bhagaban Jayasingh all poets of repute. The famous poems are the mid river, the fatigued waves, The Brass door, The splender of darkness, The bleak sky and a Sonnet.




Book Name         :        THE LAST VALLEY

Publication          :        M/S Konark Publishers Pvt Ltd,

                                   Vikash Marg, 

                                   Delhi  110082

                                   Published in the year 2002


Cost                     :      100 INR


Mr. Raj Kishore Dash (Retd. IPS) is popularly known as Deshraj in literature circle.  Poet Deshraj is a modern poetic voice of eighties; he is clear in his tone without ambiguities with a romantic chor and very very special in his vision.


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