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Film has a great power to motivate the people. It have to necessary that is good. The film give social message to the audience. Film creat a new shine to the audience mind. Its leads decisive role in the human life. This film by the realistic debutante director Irfan kamal.

SALAAM BOMBAY,TRAFFIC SIGNAL,SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE and now THANKS MAA . it is a story of a under privilaged street kid. But this film is quite different becoz it tell the journey of a street kid who goes on a mission to abandoned kid with his mother. The fact is that you can not turn your eyes towards the real life of a street kid struggle.THANKS MAA only the mirror of that fact.

A 12 year-old-street kid named Municipalty (shams patel) find and save a two day old abandoned baby from to a ferocious street dog.Irfan kamal makes a solid impact as a first time director . The climex is simply out standing and comes as complete shocker.

THANKS MAA has sparkling performance by every member of the cast, especially the street kid but the show belong to shams patel who delivers outstanding performance. For that he got several awards. The other street kids are salam( soda), Fayaaz(cutting),Almas(sursuri) and jaffer(dhed shanaa) are also outstanding.

On the whole THANKS MAA is truly original ,innovative pioneering cinema. The film has woned many National awards. This is one of the meaningful film. You can’t afford to miss

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