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Magadha King Jarasandha and Yavana Honeymoon Relationship

1. Mahabharata as a Historical Back Ground with Geographical consideration:- Mahabharata is the Greatest epic of world war history considering the geographical location of India...


(declining of national character) Essays by Amaresh Biswal Published by MADHULITA, Bbhubaneswar Page: 100, Rate: Rs 60/-Gradually the character of our society decreasing, which is a great...

Kalinga War a Misnomer with Geographical Location of Kalinga.

If we talk about 2200 year back references about Kalinga war and put Dhauli rather say injected to Dahuli as a war place without...

History behind konark sculptures

According to the traditional Bhavishya Purana, Samba, the handsome son of Lord Krishna, once created the error of slighting the mischievous sage Narada. In...

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