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Once again, my pure blood says to those pure and perfect soul who has sacrificed their pure blood for only to make my motherland free from those english hands, I just salute and memoralise all of them with singing my national anthem and saying “inquilab zindabad”. My tears has no limits by saying these words “ham honge kamyab ek din” yes and today we all are “kamyab”. I request my all developing citizens to rethink once more
“what would happen if our national heroes would have been started to think why will I sacrifice, there are so many more pure blood are present”?
Why should I give my blood for my motherland to be free from those dirty english hands?
I think my tears are not sufficeint to justify this words. That’s why this freedom fighters are called “mahan athmas”. Yes, my country people we remebered from days to days, weeks to weeks, months to months, years to years, generations to generations, how long years we had been struggled and tortured by those dirty english rules!!!!
200 years, my country has suffered from the english rules, I can’t mention their painful suffer, their struggling, their fighting for those english evils. Ohh my country my soul still dies to mention those mahan athmas a grand salute once again. I remembered till today our father of our nation “gandhiji” said “are bhaisahab me dhoti issliye pehenta hun kyunki me apne karodo bhaiyo ko pent aur shirt toh nhi de sakta na”.Hey pure soul mahatma I just say to these crores of crores to this developing citizens of my country what would happen if gandhiji was not born??
“Haha the answer is only one,..i am sure our home would have been the permanent place in the british latrines”. Gandhiji has given uss the freedom, but he has left the freedom for us to use it in right way. “azadi toh mil gayi,lekin desh sudhra nahi he. Mera desh tab sudhrega “jab raat 12 baje ek ladki sadak me bina koi musibat se chalti ho”.

But it is the time my country people, the country has given us many things, now it is the time to give them little in return. Yes as true proud blood of my motherland I will not say happy independence to all crores of brothers and sisters of my country beacause “I am still dependent”. I will say that day “happy independece day”
When I sarthak mohapatra will do something for this country people,who has not yet seen the education,not yet has played the toy in his childhood, not yet seen his parents, not yet once thought that what could be his future when he is suffering in the platform night?? So whats waiting for, come and join me rather than speaking good words and freely saying jai hind has no value in ur capacity. Come and join me, my country people, lets have some time for my country for those people. I am sure that in return it will make u satisfaction to do all this and it will make you rethink how hard is to sacrifice own blood???
“Magar hawa ka rukh badal raha he”. We are still developing country beacause the people of my country are not yet developed!!!!
I salute to all those mahan athmas and will be proud to say their pure blood and perfect soul yes I have done something for my country.

Once again I say to all those dirty english rules agar mera desh ajj tumko itna ganda lagta he,agar ajj mera desh me itni dhool he, agar ajj mere desh me itni garibi he,toh tum hamare desh me 200 saal kya kar rehe the???
Ajj bhi agar tum doodh mangoge, toh me tumhe kheer dunga,agar mera desh mangoge toh me tumhe cheer dunga beacause I promised those crores of my country people that I will make those dirty evil always free from my country as a perfect slave.
“Jai hind, jai hind, jai hind”.

By: Sarthak mohapatra.

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