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22nd Asian Athletics Championships 2017 Bhubaneswar – SCHEDULE and Tickets

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The Asian Athletics Association of the IAAF was formed during the Asian Games in Tokyo in 1958 and the Constitution of the Asian Amateur Athletics Association (AAAA) was ratified at the First Asian AAA Congress in Manila on November 20 and 21, 1973. Mr. Jose C. Sering became the first President of AAA and Mr. Maurice R. Nicholas the first Secretary-General.
AAA is the body responsible for the conduct of continental competitions like the blue-riband Asian Championships, Asian Indoor Athletics Championships, Asian Youth Championships, Asian Junior Championships, Asian Cross Country Championships, Asian Grand Prix Series, Asian Marathon Championships, Asian Race Walking Championships and Asian All-Star Meets.
From its humble beginning more than half a century ago as Asian Athletics Association of IAAF, AAA now has evolved to have 45 members as its affiliates. In 2002, during its Congress in Colombo the continental federation dropped the world Amateur from its name in keeping with the developments in the international federation.

It is one of Asia’s most pro-active sports federations, having introduced the biennial Asian Indoor Athletics Championships in 2004 and the annual three-leg Asian Grand Prix events at the turn of the new millennium to help the region’s athletes showcase their talent and catch the eye of the sports fan.



Day 1

6th July 2017 – Morning

Start Time Gender Event Round
08.30 Men 100m Decathlon
08.50 Women 1500m Round 1
09.10 Men 1500m Round 1
09.20 Men High Jump Qualification
09.35 Women 400m Round 1
09.10 Men Long Jump Decathlon
10.00 Men 400m Round 1
10.15 Men Shot Put Decathlon

6th July 2017 – Afternoon

Start Time Gender Event Round
18.00 Men Discus throw Final
18.00 Men High Jump Decathlon
18.05 Men Pole Vault Final
18.10 Women Long Jump Final
18.15 Women 100m Round 1
18.45 Men 100m Round 1
18.40 Women Shot Put Final
19.25 Women 400m Semi Final
19.40 Men 400m Semi Final
19.45 Women Javelin Final
19.45 Women Javelin Final
20.00 Women Long Jump MC
20.10 Women 5000m Final
20.35 Men Discus Throw MC
20.40 Women Long Jump MC
20.40 Men 5000m Final
21.00 Men Pole Vault MC
21.05 Women Shot Put MC
21.10 Men 400m Decathlon
21.20 Women Javelin MC
21.25 Women 5000m MC
21.30 Men 5000m MC

Day 2

7th July 2017 – Morning

Start Time Gender Event Round
09.00 Men 110m Decathlon
09.20 Women 400m Hurdles Round 1
09.40 Men Discus Throw Decathlon
10.00 Men 400m Hurdles Round 1
10.30 Women 4×100 Relay Round 1
10.45 Men 4×100 Relay Round 1
10.50 Men Pole vault Decathlon

7th July 2017 – Afternoon

Start Time Gender Event Round
18.00 Men Javelin throw Decathlon
18.05 Women 100 Semi Final
18.15 Men Triple Jump Final
18.20 Women High Jump Final
18.25 Men 100 Semi Final
18.30 Men Shot Put Final
18.55 Women 100m Hurdles Round 1
19.25 Women 110m Hurdles Round 1
19.55 Women 400m Final
20.05 Men 400m Final
20.15 Women 1500m Final
20.25 Men 1500m Final
20.30 Women Hammer Throw Final
20.35 Women 400m MC
20.40 Men 400m MC
20.45 Men 1500 Decathlon
21.10 Men Triple Jump MC
21.05 Men 400H Semi Final
20.55 Men Shot Put MC
21.35 Men Decathlon MC
21.25 Women 100m Final
21.10 Women 1500m MC
21.30 Men 1500m MC
21.40 Men 100m Final
21.50 Women 100 MC
21.55 Men 100 MC
22.00 Women Hammer Throw MC

Day 3

8th July 2017 – Morning

Start Time Gender Event Round
09.00 Women 100 m Hurdles Heptathlon
09.10 Men Long Jump Qualification
09.20 Women 800m Round 1
09.35 Men 800m Round 1
09.40 Women High Jump Heptathlon
10.00 Women 100m Hurdles Semi Final
10.20 Men 110m Hurdles Semi Final

8th July 2017 – Afternoon

Start Time Gender Event Round
18.00 Men Hammer throw Final
18.00 Women 100m Hurdles Final
18.15 Men 110m Hurdles Final
18.25 Men High Jump Final
18.30 Women Shot put Heptathlon
18.30 Women 3000m SC Final
18.35 Women Triple Junp Round 1
18.45 Men 3000m SC Final
19.00 Women 100m Hurdles MC
19.05 Men 110m Hurdles MC
19.10 Women 200m Round 1
19.30 Women Short put Final
19.35 Women 3000m SC MC
19.40 Men 3000m SC MC
19.45 Men 200m Round 1
20.15 Women Triple Jump MC
20.20 Women 400m Hurdles Final
20.35 Men 400m Hurdles Final
20.45 Women 4x100m Relay Final
21.00 Men High Jump MC
21.05 Men 4x100m Relay Final
21.25 Men Hammer throw MC
21.30 Women Shot Put MC
21.35 Women 200m Heptathlon
21.50 Women 400m Hurdles MC
21.55 Men 400m Hurdles MC

Day 4

9th July 2017 – Morning

Start Time Gender Event Round
09.10 Women Long Jump Heptathlon
09.20 Women 200m Semi Final
09.35 Men 200m Semi Final
09.50 Women Javelin Heptathlon
10.00 Women 4x400m Heats
10.15 Men 4x400m Heats

9th July 2017 – Afternoon

Start Time Gender Event Round
17.30 Women Pole Vault Final
17.30 Women Discus Final
17.40 Women 200m Final
17.45 Men Long Jump Final
18.30 Women Shot put Heptathlon
17.50 Men 200m Final
18.05 Women 800m Final
18.15 Men 800m Final
18.20 Women 4x100m MC
18.25 Men 4x100m MC
18.30 Women 800m Heptathlon
18.40 Women 10000m Final
19.20 Women 200m MC
19.25 Women Discus MC
19.30 Men 10000m Final
19.35 Men Javelin Final
20.10 Men 200m MC
20.15 Men 800m MC
20.20 Women 4x100m Relay Final
20.25 Women 800m MC
20.30 Women 10000m MC
20.35 Men 10000m MC
20.40 Men 4x400m Relay Final
20.45 Women 4x400m Relay Final
20.50 Men 4x400m Relay MC


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