Social activist B D Sharma tours Posco’s proposed steel plant site.

This article is over 10 years old.

JAGATSINGHPUR Feb 12. Noted social activist B D Sharma visited proposed Posco’s plant site villages in Jagatsinghpur district to lend his support to the project’s opponents. Addressing an anti Posco meeting held at Patana Hat Sharma slammed government for claiming that recovering government land from the encroachers living in project site, he maintained once a piece of government land is occupied by anyone it belongs to him and deserves legal right so government cannot thrown him from the land so there is so many technicality and legal provisions to be followed by the government before taking possession of the land from the encroacher, Sharma said. Urging local villagers to continue their agitation against Posco Sharma said he found no justification setting up Posco plant in an area where people were self sufficient and earning livelihood promoting agriculture.


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