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Reservation System – Politicized for vote bank

This article is over 11 years old.

The reservation in schools and further in the services started about 60 years back; they get admissions in Engineering, Medical ,management and even general education colleges on the basis of a quota. Free coaching, scholarship, age and marks concession is also given, then why are we not getting even university teachers from these groups? Perhaps the source of supply is not adequate. They could not pass out even after 15 years in the college. Everybody, even the Commission is crying hoarse about the discrimination. Nobody goes to the bottom of the issue like available material or supply – which is not up to the mark.

I am personally, not against reservation system in studies or job sectors – but not in favor of caste based reservation, it should be economy based.  This has been hot topic as always, I do remember we had lots of debates and arguments when I was studying in Engg College. Most of people fall under those category justify for reservation and some extent their arguments correct but not 100% justified. Because mostly well to do  people from those category take all benefits where as the real person who even today does not have strength to educate their children does not get those benefits.  It’s time for Govt to think innovative way, not extending the decade old policy for the sake of vote bank. Unless until the reservation system is based on economy, nothing in ground is going to change.

Now reservation in promotion – a new vote bank mantra and they justify why reservation in promotion is required. However all their justifications have no base and just for vote bank. Few of their justification our so called politicians claim “Many officers are not honest in their assessment of SC/ST people will be low graded and they see that no SC/ST people will be elevated to top post”, “Corruptions are more where SC/ST representation is less”, “Where SC/ST people are enjoying work atmosphere there is a best output and the results”, et all. However, I don’t agree with one of the justifications they do, it’s all for political parties own benefit.

I have a simple question to the people who favor reservation, why are you still going through inferior complex? You have brain equal to general category. If you are rich and afford education, but still can’t compete, this is not general category ancestor fault, this is your fault; don’t blame for your fault and incapability. Be honest and accept that you need to work hard, instead of playing caste card. Politicians are using poor dailts name, just to satisfy their ego and guilt. I am sure, inside their deep heart, they know they are incompetent.

Firstly, for  those whose fathers are earning more than 2.0 lakh/year, are more blessed than kids whose father are working as sweeper or house hold support, irrespective of caste. Grow up and accept this fact. Don’t put your guilt on others. If your father has taken support and still you want same for yourself and your kids – Shame on you. You are taking the share of poor people. Why don’t you let poor people take this benefit?

Secondly, for those who are really discriminated, I apologize that we are not able to do much on this; need social awareness and strong policies. Situations are improving, but bringing in new caste based reservation will definitely create differences. India should stand together and bring up the status of all Indian irrespective of caste.


Thirdly, just think for a moment respect comes from work, not from reservation. Getting something on reservation will make people more inferior and non-competitive.

Finally, our politicians should stop this dirty game and provide best school, hospitals, roads, water and electricity. Instead of reservation – provide scholarships, special coaching and try to raise the standard instead of playing hatred politics. We should understand all these reservation system is not really helping people who suppose to get the real benefit, rather became an instrument for vote bank on the name of caste. We all are experienced our politicians vote politics and dividing people on the name of caste and religion for the own benefit.  So, time to think and vote for development, not caste.


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