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Pseudo Secularism

This article is over 12 years old.

As per my understanding, Mr.Nitish Kumar has inferiority complex and he is trying to overcome by showing superiority complex. I am sure all of us have encountered many a people in our life, who got feeling of superiority over other people. Here it goes, why I think:

  • So, back to one of the scenario where Nitish is part of NDA with full of successful and competent politicians, Nitish has a superiority complex so, attempted to feel superior and started criticizing Mr Modi to “pull-down” Mr. Modi’s achievements in an effort to make himself feel better.
  • Another incident, when Nitish demonstrated the superiority complex by trying to lift his so called highest GDP numbers of Bihar by portraying how better he is than Mr. Modi.
  • If Nitish is so called secular, why did he resign from Bajpai Govt when Godhra incident happened, where Paswan resigned from ministry?
  • If Nitish is so called secular, why did he make alliance with BJP and contested election and still enjoying CM position?
  • If Mr. Modi is communal, so BJP too because Mr. Modi is very much part of BJP and follows the ideology of BJP. Why did not he break the alliance with BJP the way Mr. Naveen Pattnaik did.
  • May be it’s first time in Indian history, where someone like Mr.Nisith tries his level best to claim prime minister ship. It’s really cheap…
  • May be he is day dreaming, over ambitious and rating himself very high for the post of PM.

If we analyze Mr.Nitish’s actions and desperation which he has been showing since last one week, this clearly shows, he is scared, feeling insecure and lacks confidence to get vote during general election (because media has made him hero, but the ground reality, nothing has happened in Bihar). This is the reason, why Mr.Nitish has started all at a sudden criticizing Mr. Modi. As of today people used to think, he is a mature person and a seasoned politician, however recent incidents show he is a cheap, low standard and opportunist. There are so many incidents, where Mr.Nitish tried his level best to demonstrate his superiority complex. However, each of his poor techniques in overcoming the inferiority complex attempted failed to do so. Unfortunately, Mr.Nitish frequently thought this was the solution to overcoming feelings of inferiority and still, ashamedly trying to feel superior.


by Biraja Prasad Nath


  1. At the time of Riot I was there, therefore I can not comment on Modi. It is natural for accepting psudo secularism. Nitish Kumar can not be par with Modi. Again Nitish wants to be called the rising sun of east and that will never happen.

    • I am not supporting and advocating Modi, only thing why Nitish’s double standard ? Did he think people are so fool, he got voted because people of Bihar were fade up with Laloo and Co…

  2. English media comment is biased either in Gujurat or in Odisha Riot issue. Any Indian Killed is to be condemned but only Hindus Killed is secularism then I strictly condemned and this people are More dangerous people than Britishers who are Butchering of Indian in Jalianawal Wagh Massacre.


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