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Fast unto death against Tata reaches to 5th day

This article is over 10 years old.

Satya Brat Prusty’s health deteriorating to critical level

Marthapur, Jajpur, 9.9.13 : Marthapur villagers dharna against Tata continued in the 10th day as well. Where as Satyabrata prusty’s fast unto death reaches to 5th day. From August 31st, Villagers of marthapur were on an indefeinite demonstration against Tata Steel. They have placed 4 point demands including removal of Tata contractor (MAA Enterprise), who create continuous trouble in village with help of anti-socials, along with other demands. His regular health check up indicates the deteriorating health continuously.
This indefinite dharna and hunger strike is continuing in the village led by a young alumnus of IIT who has been inspired by Anna Hazare to return to his village after quitting a lucrative job abroad. The way the sarpanch, the contractor the local district administrators have handled the issue highlights everything that is wrong with our system. While people are demanding that the social benefits of the project promised to the village be executed transparently through the pallisabha with no involvement of profit-seeking outside agencies, the local politicians and contractor and a few mis-guided villagers are keen to maintain their hegemony in the village for their own vested interest.

Marthapur is a village near the infamous Kalinga Nagar industrial complex on the river Kharasrota. In a stretch of less than 10 kilometers, one can observe giant water intake works constructed to supply water to various industrial units that have come up in Kalinga Nagar and are under construction. While the issue of environmental impact assessment of such concentrated massive industrialization and use of river water for such mega industries is a larger question, the ill effects of the political-contractor-corporate-administration nexus is visible in many of the villages where people are either too afraid to speak up or are being suppressed for speaking up.

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  1. Marthapur Villagers Lodge
    FIR against Vested Interest Agitators

    The on-going agitation by vested interest group has received
    a setback with filing of a FIR against the protestors by aggrieved villagers.
    In the FIR signed by the elderly and youth community, it has been alleged that
    the self-styled leader of the protesting outfit Mr.Satryabrata Prusty has been
    instigating some section of the villagers to join the protest by the help of
    his misleading promises.

    In the FIR lodged at the Jajpur Road Police Station on 6th
    September by Madhusudan Rout, Dillip Kumar Samal and more than fifty villagers
    have labelled charges of indecency and defamation against Mr. Prusty. They have
    said that Tata Company has already launched six mega development works in the
    village by ensuring whole hearted cooperation of the villagers. But when the
    work is in progress Mr. Prusty has been accusing the villagers as ‘anti-social’
    for rendering cooperation to the company. The villagers sentimentally hurt with
    such arbitrary accusations have called for strong action against such malicious

    The villagers of Marthapur in the FIR have also labelled
    charges of disrespecting the national tricolour and using of slogans of ‘Bharat
    Mata’ for eliciting narrow personal gain. They have also condemned the
    distribution of suspicious pamphlets with an appeal for sabotaging the pace of
    development without carrying the publisher’s identity. Such anonymous
    literature are detrimental to the Government’s measures hence require
    appropriate actions against the persons involved, the villagers have demanded
    for protecting the larger interest of Marthapur.


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