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Places that Mesmerize you at Odisha: A Reflection of History

The quality of Odisha (formerly known as Orissa) tourism is a mirror to her colorful past. This is characterized by the Jagnnath Temple, a sacred place which is situated in a lush flora and fauna which are very rare as it is amazing. Its beaches is described as a long strip of tranquilizing beauty. This is a place which definitely a paradise in the mystical country of India.

Geologically, Odisha is an Indian state with scattered temples and shrines. This is the most distinct quality of the said state. It can be called the state of temples.

Odisha has been greatly India’s seat of religion and music. Advocates of various religious sects can stay in fellowship in this Asian paradise. In fact, this is being described as the land of majestic temples. Moreover, Buddhist monasteries have been one of the most noticeable structures around the vicinity. This is one of the reasons why the area is so tranquil and peaceful.

Not only that, Odisha is home to the biggest water reservoir on Earth, the Hirakud Dam. The gigantic size is undeniably directly proportional with the huge size of the country India. It is not only a dam but a sanctuary to many beautiful wild animals like the giant elephant and the very popular white tigers of India. Furthermore, the Gharial sanctuary is also the home of the Oliver Ridley sea turtles among other endangered species that are unique in Odisha. This is truly a favorite of wildlife lovers. Who would not love to see the Royal Bengal tiger?


Odisha is also filled many national heritage parks that had been declared as world heritage sites and natural wonders. This place will definitely satisfy any adventurous soul.
The Puri Beach has been admired for the beautiful view of sunrise and sunset among the many picturesque and scenic views around the area. In addition to that, it is also worthy to mention Chilika, a long coastline of beautiful beaches with pristine sand and crystal clear waters.
The local residents of Odisha are also noted for making some of the most noteworthy handicrafts that you bring to your homeland as presents or as a memorabilia.

It is a must to visit the divine temples of Odisha. The tour will never be complete without it. You will be able to see how the temples. The architectural design used in building the temples are incomparable. There is nothing like it in the world. The temple designs has become a symbol of Odisha tourism.
The sanctuaries in Chandaka and Nandan Kanan are the most popular places to visit if you are interested in learning the conservation and rehabilitation of endangered species. This is perfect for those who are enthusiasts of educational tours.

For international tourists, it is needed to secure ESTA VISA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization Visa). ESTA VISA application would require security requirements, valid passport, and form of payment.
Modesty aside, Odisha is truly a place worth visiting and exploring before you die!


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