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First Odia woman pilot of AirAsia – Selvi Mishra

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Breaking down all the social restrictions and traditional beliefs, a girl from Kanjhar district of Odisha changed the woman pilot of a reputed aviation company AirAsia.

With the achievement of new height in the career, Selvi Mishra of Rukundedor Sasan has set an example for all women who believe in their confidence and determination under the Sadar block of the district.

Their accomplishment sends a clear message to the society that women are not limited to managing family, kitchen and children, but they can prove their potential in all areas.

Selvi, daughter of Bipin Mishra, an Indian Navy employee, had the dream of flying in the sky since childhood. Now his dream came true after long years of struggle.

After completing his special paper in his college as a graduate level (BSc) and aviation course in a college in Mumbai, he went to Texas two weeks training course at Alpha Tango Flying School in Texas. However, his dream of becoming a professional pilot broke, when the airline industry was undergoing heavy losses due to the global economic recession.

He was waiting for five years to receive appointment as a faculty in many aviation institutions and he was liked. When he got an offer from AirAsia, his happiness was not bound. She was last year appointed as a female pilot in AirAsia.

Meanwhile, Bangalore-based Selvi has been allowed to fly international flights with domestic flights. It has already gained experience by flying in countries including Kuwait and Dubai.

The time for him to sit next to the chull and baking is over; Now the girls can touch the sky and orbit the earth.

Selvi said, “This time the society has come to send a message that girls are no less than anybody.”

As a pilot, a girl has to face many crises like the storm and fog in the sky and sometimes technical disturbances and signal failure makes sense for her. However, Odisha’s girl Selvi has advanced with her nostalgic attitude and knowledge.


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