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OOPs! VeGeTaBLe PrICe DoUbLe

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]fter increasing price of fuel and power now the time of vegetable price. Vegetable price are create headache of the common men……… These increscent of price burning the middle class people pocket. In last few year price rises become a trend of society. Now a common man expender is high then his salary. When he go to market for vegetables a tension look arise in face.

The more important factor why prices saw a rise is also because of the Budget 2012. There was a 2% increase in excise duty across the board from 10 to 12%.it saw that price rise also the seasonal food. How it is possible? Prices of vegetable like tomatoes, cauliflower, okra, cabbage, ladyfingers and almost all groceries are double till about 18 month ago. Potato and onion are the common vegetable but those prices also double. So a common people face a lot of problem. In they can’t buy their liking foods.

The most important thing that November month is consider as (kartika masa) following odiya calendar. The people are taking this month as a holy month. So non- veg items are fully avoided. The prices of agricultural commodities have jumped by up to 300 percent the wholesale market to consumer’s tables due to short supply.
Normally, the difference goes up to 300 per cent only in abnormal circumstances. Apart from the delayed monsoon, massive wastage in transit and involvement of a series of middlemen, obviously for making profit at every layer, are resulting in such prices.

Housewives are a worried lot. “Earlier, we thought we could avoid eating vegetables to balance out the high prices. But now even pulses are also going out of reach…….. Its kindly request whenever makes the budget think about the middle class people. Because it affect common people more than high standard people.


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