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Women disapprove semi nude protest at Posco plant site, demand action.

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JAGATSINGHPUR Mar 08. As globe celebrates seeking women’s equality and liberty on the international women’s Day, in a rare gesture female folk from proposed Posco site Govindapur village hosted the celebration at Mangalapada Hamlet on Friday. The participant women disapproved yesterday’s maiden occasion when anti Posco brigade used women and showed nude protest against south Korean steel project , and sought legal against alleged abettors who prompted performing this unsavory show

A large number of women and adolescents converged at Mangalapada village and held a public meeting on the eve of the international women’s Day on Friday evening and discussed how it is time world salutes the modern woman who has traversed a long road reaching to be compared with their male counterparts but a strange incident occurred yesterday at Patana Hat when anti Posco outfit used few women those went semi nude and staged protest opposing Posco project and deployment of police in Govindapur amid land acquisition process.

Susama Swain an educated woman from govindapur village who was leading the celebration and protest meeting while speaking on the occasion described a woman has democratic rights to resist on any wrong doing but it does not mean to show indecency to run semi nude at a public gathering, so the violators should punished, mainly the anti Posco leader Abhya Sahoo who abetted the incident should booked forth with, she demanded.

Another women leader Manju Dalai extended thanks to district collector S K Mallick and superintendent of police S B Bhoi on the yesterday Patana hat incident who took timely step resorted Lathi charge dispersing the mob and prevented such unruly women showing sex during protest and saved the women’s face in society.

However sources said that for the first time women folk of the locality untied in a public platform and hosted international women’s day and discussed fortifying women’s rights and dignity.

Moreover sources said similar women’s day celebration was held in Posco transit camp at Badagabapur near Balitutha where women leaders like Jyotsna Rani Mohanty, Baidahi Dalei, Nirmala Sahoo and Parvati Muduli described the yesterday’ s anti Posco brigade nude protest a shameful event of recent times and demanded action against those people prompted holding the act.

Photo source : Dharitri


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