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Controversial Kujanga Mohatsava begins amid protest.

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JAGATSINGHPUR Apr 29. The Kujanga Mohatsava which had drawn controversy past one week following protest by few Mohatsava opponents including Jagatsinghpur MP Bibhu Prasad Tarai finally began on Sunday night; state consumer affairs and supply minister Pratap Keshori Dev inaugurated this three day celebration held at Kujanga Hat near block office. State health minister and local MLA Damodar Rout presided the function attended by film star and MLA Prashanta Nanda, collector S K Mallick, trade union leader Sudhakar Mantry, Kulamani Samal, Surendra Das, vice chairman Kujanga block and few representatives of Panchayt Raj institutions.  Addressing on the event speakers discussed vibrant socio cultural history of Kujanga area and its contribution building Paradeep port and making Paradeep an industrial hub in recent time.

On the flip side the Mohatsava opponents under banner Kujanga Loka Mohatsava committee who had denied permission hosting similar celebration at Kujanga staged protest demanding to halt the programme stating the celebration has ignored local people and sentiments and has become a platform of minster Damodar Rout and his loyalists, later police intervened the matter and picked up few protestors and  set free them on Sunday night.

Sources added that the Mohatsava has become a political battle between minster Damodar Rout and Jagatsinghpur MP Bibhu Prasad Tarai past one month who wants to show their political supremacy as consequence  divided in to two groups hosting the celebration. Finally Minister Damodar Rout’s supporters had granted permission hosting the celebration that irked MP Tarai’s group who went on agitation in front of Kujanga Tahasil office past three days. Civil administration ignored the protestors claim as result they staged protest during inauguration of the Mohatsava. [Ends]


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