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Consumer’s body chases with electricity distribution company Enzen employees

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JAGATSINGHPUR Mar 31. The employees of Enzen Global a distribution company who has been assigned supplying electricity in Jagatsinghpur came under wrath of consumers of Kathiapada village six km away from here on Saturday owing illegal and defective bill collection. A mild confrontation was erupted between villagers and company people as consequence three company employees received hurt and police picked up consumer’s body leader Advocate Basudev later cops freed the leader on Saturday night.

Report said that the company employees on Saturday afternoon reached village for collecting the electric bill, on arrival of employees few consumers raised voice against the company people saying the distribution company has been indulging illegal practice collecting electric bill, in few incidents not supplying valid money receipt, and service of company is unsatisfactory so they abandon paying electric bill , refuting the charges company people held exchange of words with villagers that brought the situation unpleasant the state of affairs turned ugly when consumers body activists led by advocate Basudev reached the spot and instigated villagers not to pay bill to the company, then further tension was erupted at spot company employees alleged few villagers beaten up them.

Company people lodged an FIR in Jagatsinghpur police station stating three of its employees received hurt following the provocation and consumer’s body activists ill treated them during their visit to village. Acting on the complaint police picked up the consumers body leader Basudev and his three associates from the spot and detained in police station. Later hundreds of people including few women staged Dharana in front of Jagatsinghpur police station demanding release of Basudev and his associates as the pressure mounted police released Basudev and his associates on Saturday midnight after registering a case against him, police said.


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