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Canfest -2013- Host ‘Canmass’ presented its home production Odia play ‘Kanhu’

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JAGATSINGHPUR Feb 22. Giving an age old story a modern rendition, Kailash Panigrahi presented his version of the timeless tale of Sri Krishna to an enthralled audience on the fourth day of the theatrical carnival Canfest 2013 on friday evening. The odia play, Kanhu is a home production of Canmass, the group organising the ten day long fest. The day was kicked off by the ceremonial lamp lighting by the chief guest of honour, Shri Sunil Kumar Patnaik, CEME, Paradip Port Trust.

Mr. Panigrahi said, “All the characters in the play have names related to Sri Krishna and his life. We want to portray that there is a  rishna, or Kanha up there and a Kanhu down here and there are many more like him.” The play deals with the frailties of human  elations. Nanda and Yashoda adopted Kanhu, protecting him from his torturous uncle Mathuri Das. In order to give Kanhu a better life, they sold out  heir livestock and other valuables. They had even sold their loving calf Manua to satiate Kanhu’s requirement of money. However, as Kanhu grew up, he drove his foster parents to the cowshed, treating them as a liability. When Yashoda calls to her son for help and shelter, she is answered by Manua, the calf which she had to sell away for Kanhu. Here the director tries to show that even though the human forgets love and care, an animal remembers it and reciprocates the compassion.

The director said that this theme shall always remain contemporary. “We might stage this play again after fifteen years, but the audience, like today, shall still connect to this play and to this theme,” he added. A group of 15 fine actors captivated the audience for over 40 minutes with ‘Kanhu’. Binayak Mishra, student and a theatre enthusiast said, “The use of allegory and symbolism in the play was really astounding.”


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