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Upcoming Odia Film “Prema Sabuthu Balaban”

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The upcoming Odia Film movie Prema Sabuthu Balaban  of Dusmanta and Barsha Priyadarshini in the lead rolls. The director and producer Arun Mohanty is returning after a log time with a new film as producer. Not only producer and director he also doing the music compose. Dialogues are by  Sirsananda Daskanungo.  Other character of the movies are Sidhant, Mihir Das, Aparajita, Uttam Mohanty, Hara Patnaik, Ilu Bannerjee, Papi Santuka, Pradyumna Lenka, Ashok Das, Akshay Batia & others. Release date not final yet.

Film Name– Prema Sabuthu Balaban
Banner – Maa Gadachandi Entertainment
Producer – Meena Mohanty
Director – Arun Mohanty
Music Director – Arun Mohanty
Story -Arun Mohanty
Dialogues – Sirsananda
Editor – Ashok Sharma
Star Cast- Siddhant, Barsha, Dusmanta, Mihir, Uttam, Aparajita, Hara Patnaik, Pradyumna Lenka.


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