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JHAPSHA SATA JHAPSHA MICHHA  – An Odia poetry collection by Mr. Raj Kishore Dash (Deshraj). In this collection his famous poems include ‘ E keun Shabrani’,’Kataka re khara dina’,’Ghana ghora Basha Kala’,’Nai Bali’,’Arupa’,’Sara Rati Barsha’,’Kansha Kabata’,’Pratikshya Ra Shesha Swara’,’Samparka’,’Bramha Maya Kabita Kebala’ have expressed his wit and talent exhibiting his deep emotions, bold expressions and intuitive feeling.

Mr. Dash is very crafty in choosing words, methes and depicting nature at large; one would love reading his poems and enjoy life in it’s true spirit.


Book Name         :        JHAPSHA SATA JHAPSHA MICHHA

Publication          :        Vidyapuri, Balubazar, Cuttack

                                   1st Edition Published in the year 2002


Cost                     :      60 INR


Mr. Raj Kishore Dash (Retd. IPS) is popularly known as Deshraj in literature circle.  Poet Deshraj is a modern poetic voice of eighties; he is clear in his tone without ambiguities with a romantic chor and very very special in his vision.


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