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Nanga Baba Totapuri Maharaj

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Totapuri was born in somewhere in the erstwhile Mughal india, in some border village of North west frontier province and erstwhile punjab.Now the village comes under Pakistan. It May be a place named Hinglaj in Baluchistan province of Pakistan.At Baba Ladan of Hingalaj there is is a moth-(Monastery) of Baba Rajpuri of 17th.century & now the Mahant of the Monastery claim that the place was the birth place of Totapuri Maharaj .The gurus in succession are the disciples of the famous Naga Monk Totapuri Jee. The First Mahant of Moth Baba Rajpuriji was the disciple of Maharaj TOTA-PURI.The parantage & exact Swanakshetra day & the Sambachhar( year of birth) of Totapurijee is not known nor recorded any where.However it is claimed Totapurijee was a Balabrahmachary left home in his tender age & initiated in to Sanyas in Naga cult.  It is also not known who was the Guru initiating Totapuri Ji into Sanyas in 17th.century.In later part of 17th.century Totapuri Jee was made Head of a Naga Monastery in erstwhile undivided Punjab for a couple of decades and there after he deserted Moth and set out for Brajan(move place to place)& never returned to the base.As a Paribrajak sanyasi He travelled a lot unheard of in any other case.

It is learnt Totapuri jee crossed Hindukush,Asia minor montain ranges of Great Himalays and initially moved towards Caspian Sagar covering Mesopatamia region.He was again back coverring Tibet,North-East, Burma,Thai & Malayasia in South-Asia’.Back to India He has covered & moved all nook & corner of Hindustan several times.During the movement He has spent decades at places like Kailash-manosarobar in Tibet,Kashmir valley-Ananthnag,Uttarkashi ,Barahaskhetra in Nepal-Tarai region,subhimalayan Darjiling,sikim& kamakhya etc.Again in Ganga Plains He spent some decades at Hardwar Meerat,Kashi,Faizabad,Bhagalpur,Gaya etc & carried Sadhana.Notable other places are Amarakantak,Chitrakut, Mainak-Girnar hills in Gujarat,Srisailam Arunanchal hills in Deccan etc.Places lile Gangasagar,Rameswar,Kanyakumari,Puri on-sea was also vited by Him several times.He has spent about almost a century in Brajan.The famous Monks of his time with whom He came in contact are Gorakhanath Jee,Trailanga Swami,Mahabatar Babaji, Harihar Baba,Bijaya krushna Goswami(Jatia baba)Hariakhan Babaji( Bengali Baba )Onkarnath Baba,Bama khepa,Nigamananda Saraswati,Ram Krishna Paramahans,Swami Brahmananda Paramahans ,Swami Yogananda,Yukteswar Ji & Raman Maharshi Etc.It is said Ramakrushna Paramahans,Harihar Baba,Swami Brahmananda Paramahans & many Others were initiaated by Him in Vedant Dikshya.This great Tricenturian saint has done parikrama of R. Ganga ,Brahmaputra ,Narmada &Godabari Several times during his Brajan of river course.He had mastered all disciplene of Yoga & Sadhana during his century old long Yogic life including Shaib,Sakta & Bishnav parampara .At last settled with Advait(Gyan nista) parampara of Adi Sankar.It is learnt He is an Exponent in Nirvikalpa Samadhi Yog Practising it for about 40 years in the bank of Narmada near Amarkantak & also had the sadhana of Anya Deha Pravesh at Chhinnamasta shrine of Jharkhand in South Bihar.

Towards his last part of his Yogic life for about 40 years He put a stop to his nomardic/Brajan & settled at Srikhetra Puri in an isolated sand dune called Girnari bant.Later an Ashram was established there viz.Adwait Brahma Ashram.He entered into Mahasamadhi on28th.Aug.1961 the Ashram itself in his Samadhi yog in the fateful day ie, of full moon of Sravan in early morning. He is neither Ishwarpuri nor Anandapuri as claimed by some & the life time 1780 AD    to 1866     AD as projected by some is utterly wrong & malicious,a crime in itself.To the extent some people also project a samadhi in a naga monastery in Haryana fixing it with Totapuri Jee.Interastingly,this great saint was a rare specimen of Monk having no particular name: was called in various names in deferent locations in diferent times.He is known as Naga Baba,Nanga Baba,Languli Baba, Lengta baba,Kankaria Baba, Mauni Baba ,Tota puri & lastly Digambara Paramahans or Languli Baba at Puri.Interastingly again the Photo presented bySanyasis of Hinglaj-Babaladan in Baluchistan,Anandapuri math ,Baba Rajpuri math of kaithal and also of Rama Krishna Mission are one and the same that we are having at ADWAIT BRAHMA ASHRAM,Girnarabant Puri .

There is no dispute about the Photo that is associated with Totapuri Maharaj as is being projected.But I vehemently defer & oppose about the age told and so called Samadhi marked as of Totapuri Jee at Naga math in Haryana. In that case that may be the samadhi of any other Naga sanyasi of the same name or even Ishwarpuri.In that case revered Ishwarpuri can not be the Totapuri we discuss nor the photograph projected.Photography came in the last decade of 19th.century or 1st.decade of 20th.century.We the Ashramites of Adwait Brahma Ashram Puri Know Totapuri Jee as Sri Sri  Yogeswar Brahmavid-Baristha Digambar Paramahans Dev or simply Digambar Baba.

On the lotus feet of Gurudev.
Raj Kishore Dash(Deshraj)
President,Adwait  Brahma  Ashram,Girnaribant,PURI.
Posted on 15th.Nov’2012//DESHRAJ.CUTTACK@ GMAIL.COM
@-Copyright reserved By RajKishore Dash IPS(Retd.)


  1. As a parivrajaka who is believed to have followed the path of the Advaita Vedanta, which is often disputed due to the meager information that exists on Totapuri. He is said to have initiated Ramakrishna into Advaita Vedanta,as well as Anandpuri Ji from the Advait Mat tradition.

  2. dear sir, can i have telugu version of totapuri maharaj life history plese, my phone no : 8099979996, andhra pradesh, vizag

    • Dear MR. Raju.I am Sorry.I cannot read write or speak in Telugu.Ofcource you may read my book Gorinta Poolu,A poetry anthology ie.Translation of my Odia poems in to Telugu by C.Tulasi.


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