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NSD skilled Surya Mohanty ‘s three petite plays drew theater lovers attention in Paradeep.

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JAGATSINGHPUR   Feb  25.  Surya Mohanty’s Odia play Katha Manchana enthralled the audience of Paradeep port town on the sixth day of Canfest 2013 theatre festival being held in Jayadev Sadan , Paradeep on Sunday night.  Katha Manchana stages a set of three different short plays, each depicting a different story narrating social occurrence.
A scholar from National School of Drama, Surya Mohanty has been recognized his name in modern creative Odia Theatre in state past two decades and has been associated with Bhubaneswar based theatre group ‘Mukti’.
20 actors worked together to weave magic onstage in the 95 minute long three play staging. One
play ‘Kukura (The Dog)’ tells the story of a trained pet dog’s uprising against the master’s
treachery and greed. The many layers of theatrical interpretation brought out the “humanness
in the dog” and the “dog-ness in a human”.
Celebrated actress Usasi Mishra’s captivating solo play “Saptaha Ra Satadina (Seven days a
week)” revolved around the memoirs of a prostitute, whose winding monologues of love, passion
and abuse left the audience spellbound.
The last play featured the entire troupe “Udavasha (Illuminations)” exhibited the constant
changes in the society and how it is slowly moving towards decadence. It looks back
nostalgically at the idealistic past.

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It is an unique experiment and the play designed how to catch the audience, usually audience in recent times ignore long plays, baggy story, which they feel killing of times, so ostensibly want short easily sociable incident in theater format within time stipulation, what  Surrya Mohanty’s  presentation proved in the Canfest- 2013 theater festival, quipped Mr B K Sahoo, a theater lover and public relations manager , IFFCO paradip unit who witnessed the play. 


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