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Today India is at the cusp of a paradigm change in its growth and it position in the world we both (men and women) must act decisively to capture this opportunity.women bear all responsibility for meeting basic needs of the family get are sysmetically denied the resourses, information and freedom of action. They need to fullfill his responsibility.
We need to think big and scale up rapidly in each and every field such as education,infastructure industry,financial services etc…. if we saw in to our vedic period we find that many eminent women have over powered the male dominent society. Gargee,maitryee,sakuntala have prove their existance in society.Also in history the leadership capabilities of razia sultan,rani of jhansi,sarojini naidu,indira gandhi etc……

Jangyaseni Behera
Jangyaseni Behera, M.A. in Journalism

But with the changes of time the men acting as the master of domineting women. Women are only allowed demonstrate leadership at domestic lavel in their home fronts.The majority of the poor women are very vast in the world. Two third of the world illitarate are female.The milions of girls children are not in school.Today HIV/AIDS is rapidly becoming a womens dieses in several southern africa countries. Three quarters of of all young people living with HIV are women.

Therefore empowerment of women is the preriquisite to the transform our developing nation to a developed nation. But the first need to know empowerment acctually means. It means womens sence of self worth, and they have the power of control of their own lives.when women are supported and empowered all of society benefits.their families are healthier, more children go to the school,agriculture productivity increase and income improves….the ability to influence the direction of social changeto creat a just social and economic order,nationaly, internationaly,and universaly. The hunger project believes that empowering women to be key change agent is as an essential element to achiveing the hunger and poverty.


Almost 26 laws were passed to protech women from various crimes. Recently the law on the protection of women againest “domestic violence”. It is the long pending demand of women activities.Truely empowered women should have risk prevelling at home, workplace,political,social,economical and health awareness…. In the 25th century they will remain ignorant. It is a wake up call for all women to wake up their deep slumber and understand the power of empowerment ….women who is the motherhood of nation must be strong,aware and alert…….




  1. Empowerment by itself may not place women on an equal footing with men. The greatest need of the hour is change of social attitude to women. Take the classic case of dowry. Dowry is still rampant in a virulent form even among the highly educated a girl may be, dowry is still demanded. How many girls are there who can toe her line? Women’s empowerment means a lot, but the ultimate goal of the equalization of man and woman would materialize only when her complementary role is recognized by the society.


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