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Educational Problems Of womem In India

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We are celebrated our independence day since 65 years.We are said very proudly that “we are independent”… if we seriously give attension to the statement that we know that particularly the women of our society till dependent.They can not take of their own decision. Women have generally been looked open with contempt.All sorts of structures have been inflicted upon them . Reducing their status to a playing of a mans whims.They have been treated as object,slaves or chattle.But now time has come to work for their emancipation and unlift.
No doubt today the achievement of Indian women improve of their general condition over the last 100 years. They get special rights and live as a privileged citizens.But still they face distinctive problems. The society have a gap between the literacy rate of the two sexes also exits between the enrolment of girls and boys at all lavel of education. If we see a primary school to university , we find that the number of girls student is lower then the number of boys. The present condition of a primary education in village is very poor.Hundred persent of enrolment of girls it seems to be doubtful.According to article 45 of the constitution that compulsory and free education untii 14 years of age still unsuccessful.It is unfortunately truth of our society that the children are sent to school not according to their intelligence but according to their sex. It sincerely needs to be reduce the gap between the boys and girls.

Jangyaseni Behera
Jangyaseni Behera, M.A. in Journalism

Educational structure is badly affected to the economic and social structure of our society. Most of the people of india think that the girls born for the marriage so they don’t need education. So the parents are give training about house hold works very early.

Innocent girls children are can not get chance for complete their education.A poor farmer have not resources to provide high education of their children if some resources available the boy who sent to school first. The illiterate people of india can not understand the value of education for a girl to survive in the society. They don’t know there is a connection between education and motherhood or household management. If a woman being a illiterate she can’t be a good mother or a good persen. Education needs to solve immideate problems of family as wellas society. It is the primary education asspecially in rural areas which should be given maximum attension. Its for both girls and boys and it also concerned planning and policies. The role of a woman is not only for a family but also important for a country in the present day……..


  1. wow jagyaseni ! badhiya lekhicho. u r right parents think that marriage is the first and last resort of woman. there must be change in our attitude and outlook regarding woman emancipation through educating them.

  2. Education is the basic need for a human being . So it is the responsibility of the parents to change their aattitude twoards the girl child education .


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