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Career beyond Engineering, Medicine – Social Science

This article is over 12 years old.

3rd August 2012, I had been to Tata Institute of Social Science (operating from an interim campus in the AMR-Andhra Pradesh Academy for Rural Development (APARD) campus in Rajendranagar, Hyderabad) on occasion of Inauguration of their center. Most recently TISS already inaugurated their other location at Guwahati and all together TISS has now 4 centers (Mumbai, Hyderabad, Place near Solapur and Guwahati). Eminent people like Mr. E. S. L. Narasimhan (Governor of AP), Mr. Subramanian Ramadorai (Chairperson of the Governing Board of TISS), Mr. Dileep Ranjekar (CEO of Azim Premji Foundation) and Prof. S. Parasuraman (Director of TISS). It was really an eye opener for me, because been a person from technical back ground, I never thought up there are a lot more things beyond engineering and Medicine which is very much required for our society and moreover lots of scope on those areas.

Mr. E. S. L. Narasimhan (Governor of AP) is an excellent speaker and orator – his speech was very practical and impressive one. Lots of things he mentioned which is very much required for a balanced society and one of the thing he mentioned; touched my heart and forced me to think – “A day will come when each and every person starting from plumber to electrician will be an engineer because everybody just wanting to be engineer”. It’s true because now every parent wants their children to be either an engineer or doctor; even people stopped studying core science courses. Where are we heading, do we have enough job for Engineers? Who are going to do research, build human capitals, et al ? Like me, most of people may not have enough knowledge on Social Science and challenges/opportunities in our society.

I personally impressed with the culture, vision and prospects about TISS because Everyday language has developed to allow people to talk to one another. And the main thing people talk about, is one another, i.e. about society. Like any other branch of science, the social sciences need a rich vocabulary to describe all of the things they study. Hence we need people to enter more and more in social science. I wish, I should have been studied Social Science in an Institute like TISS.
The Tata Institute of Social Sciences established in 1936 is one of the premier Institute in the country in the field of Social Sciences and has been recognized as one of the progressive centers of learning catering to the educational and research information needs of academic and scientific community for excellent teaching, research and development work carried out by the faculty members, research scholars and students. The University (TISS is a Deemed University since 1964, under Section 3 of the UGC Act, 1956) has been viewed as the harbinger of positive social change in view of the tangible improvements it has brought about in the fields of intellectual awareness, aptitude for learning and pursuit of scientific endeavor. Considering the progress and achievements the university could accomplish in the last two decades, the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), Bangalore has accredited the institute with FIVE Stars.
TISS Library established along with the institute way back in 1936 is one of the leading social science libraries in the country. The library was named as “Sir Dorabji Tata Memorial Library” on 3rd May, 2002 in the memory of late Sir Dorabjii Tata. It is geared to meet the academic and research information needs of the user community. It provides a conducive environment for intellectual enquiry by providing user-focused services to obtain and evaluate scholarly information and knowledge. Since the library specializes in the field of applied social sciences, it has become most sought after library for the social scientists in India. It is a unique Knowledge Centre, which offers essential and specialized information resources and services to meet the growing information needs.
TISS has always maintained a firm commitment to excellence, specifically in terms of relevance to (a) the wider external context, and (b) the professional future of its students. Students of the other existing MA programs at TISS received placement offers from a wide-range of reputed organizations.
The new integrated 5 Year BA+MA program has been designed keeping in mind the lack of quality training available in this field as well as the huge potential for opportunities in this field. After this course students can opt for either further study in the social sciences and/or avail of employment opportunities in a wide range of occupations in education, public health professions, administration, social services, non-governmental and campaigning organizations, the media, publishing, public relations, government (national and international), planning and environmental management and social welfare organizations.
TISS also provides opportunity to their students who want to start something for the cause of society – an impressive stipend of 25000 per month.
Apart from under-graduate, Post Graduate, TISS also provides MPhill, Phd programs.

 by Biraja Prasad Nath 




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