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Makar sankranti is a special and religious day of Hindu society. It is the day when the glorious Sun God of Hindu begins it s ascendancy and entry in to the northen hemisphere. This Sankranti very famous festival and it celebrated in all most all parts of the country with great devotion. It signifies an event where the God Sun to remind their children that “Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya” it means “you go higher & higher to more & more light and never be darkness.

There is an astrological significance of maker sankranti. Makar means Capricorn and sankranti means transition . There is a sankrati every month when the sun passes from one siogn of the zodiac to the next. There are twelve sign of zodiac and there are twelve sankranti as well. Each sankranti has its own important but two of these are more important. One is the Mesh sankranti and another is Makar sankranti.

Transition of the sun from sagittarious to Capricorn during the winter solstice in the northen hemisphere is known as Makar sankranti. Basically the traditional Indian calendar based on lunar position but sankranti is solar event so date of festival keep changing the English calendar is always same 14th January. It celebrated in the Hindu calendar month of Magha. So this day is sure a good luck day to start your journey for the good life….

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