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PPL work shop notes integrity of environment

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PARADEEP- Humans are the sources of many problems that threaten the integrity of environment; the biological, chemical and physical processes are creating threat for myriad environmental problems, such as habitat fragmentation, ozone depletion, urbanization, litter, and deforestation, pollution in water and noise, vehicle and damming of rivers. Altering all the natural processes resulted magical diversity of life has had direct negative impacts on the humans, plants, animals and microorganisms as consequence the whole eco system begins to suffer nowadays so efforts should taken to make people more aware of the native eco systems, biodiversity, wilderness that surrounds them and educate the humanity about the importance of protecting and conserving the environment, revealed speakers attending in an environment work shop hosted by Paradeep phosphates Ltd [PPL] at Paradeep.

Environmentalists expressed their opinions at the work shop that a few pieces of litter carelessly tossed at the busy road might not seem a frisk deal creating environmental pollution, but the cumulative impact of this carelessness results in harm to birds and mammals that become entangled in litter or treat it like food and sometimes their massive congregation to feed the litter on road bring accident for vehicular, so we citizens should aware for this frolic event.


Deforestation in recent times for urbanization and industrialization have become big events in the geological history of the earth, it fundamentally changing the ecological balance of habitats, global warming, depletion of water level are impact of this discrepancies and matter of concern across glove. Discharging industrial waste to sea and river have sometimes result in the decline or extinction of certain marine species, mammals and flora and fauna in including pollution in water, the trend is running in alarming proportions affecting integrity of original ecosystem, speakers fumed in the work shop however the attending green lovers stressed making people more aware over environmental degradation and strict mechanisms implementing environmental laws against the violators.

The work shop was held in PPL plant premises, Kiran Joshi vice president PPL, Sidhanta Das member state pollution control board, and another member Dr Akhila Kumar Suara, Sudhakar Das had attended as resource persons , about 150 students from different educational educations , many environment activists and senior officers and employees of PPL were present. Later successful participants taking part in the environment quiz competition held for the event were awarded prizes.


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