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Reservation System In Jobs in India

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[dropcap]R[/dropcap]eservation is a major hurdle in the overall development of the Nation. It is harmful to the nation. It is a menace, which is killing the unity of the country like a Slow Poison. The Reservation system is totally wrong, especially the caste-based Reservation. It is creating more chances for Corruption because it is seen that even ‘High Caste’ people are using illegal unfair ‘Low Caste’ Certificates to get Government Jobs and other favors. Reservation is dividing society. It is creating a long gap between the high and low caste.

Reservation is the main cause causing for NO merit people to go on higher Posts. Today even patients have become fear to suspicious of Doctors. If he comes from Reserved Quota, Patients’ life is sure to be in danger. Our system is designed not to encourage any lower caste coming up to leadership positions in Government or Private. If at all reaches to the top by Merritt, he will not be allowed to remain there. The administration, law, justice everything controlled by the upper caste. Reservations have not done anything good for any sections of society.

The OBC, SC,ST students are get 50% of marks they will get admission in reputed govt institution but if the upper caste students are get 70% marks it will be very difficult to get admission that govt institution. the result is that the lower percentage student being a government officer and higher percentage student is struggling for a private job……

The goal of reservation in India has been bring about an improvement in the welfare who historically, economically and socially depressed. But in India it use as a partiality between the people. According to Article no 115 of Indian constitution calls the group belonging to “socially and educationally backward classes “have benefited from reservation that group can not be regarded as “backward”. The democracy is failed to protect and use reservation as a proper way…..

The quota reservation system is killing India slowly. It sure that everyone will agree that certain caste and tribe were discriminate in various part of India. Reservation in education and jobs was introduced to uplift them.
But a question rising in mind is the reservation need for development of a nation . the answer is BIG NO……… if we are working by unity nothing can be impossible. Encouragement more needed then the reservation for the backward classes …………


  1. what about the person who becomes a doctor or engineer just because they have some inherited property of their own…. what about the difference in the facilities got to poor sc people just because they dont inherit any property from their ancestors… why dont everybody equalize their property by sharing their property which was inherited from the so called high caste ancestors which was gained without doing any work….. if u have a back bone just do it first and then fight to these minorities …….


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