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Life – A Battle

This article is over 12 years old.

One way of looking at life is that human enters the world from one door and leaves it from another. Human enters the world when he/she is born, he/she grows up, get educated, obtains a job for his living, gets married, brings up children, gets old and leaves the world by another door at the end of his life span is this a correct way to describe human life. Those who believe in this way of living live mechanically from birth to death. The fact is that life is much more than a sheer mechanical living. Life provides plenty of adventure and opportunities to those who live every moment of it mindfully. So what exactly is life?

Dr. Radha Krishan says that life is a battle between spirit and matter, between knowledge and ignorance, between self control and temptation, between discrimination and sensual life. When we commence to fight this battle then our journey starts from humanness to divinity. Life is a battle because no one will give room for yourself, we have to create it for ourselves. Human life is not programmed. We have a free will to be what we want to be. When we look inwardly we find that we are fighting the inner battle continuously. Fighting the outer battle of life means tackling our day to day problems relating to ourselves, our family, our profession and our society. Since man lives in two worlds, outer and inner, simultaneously he as to fight both their battles firstly to evolve himself and secondly to become a useful member of the society while contributing towards its efficiency.

Hardest battle you have to fight is the battle to be just you.

By: Biraja Prasad Nath


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