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Immunization in India

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Are you know that the india name has been removed from the list of polio affected countries. It is possible due to the progress of immunizatuon . All credit goes to the world health organisation. Every year 3.5 lakhs of children were affected by polio in india. Immunization is a preventing of childhood diseases such as whooping cough,measles,diptheria,chiken pox,small pox etc….in two decades ago majority of children died due to lack of immunization.

Immunization is the process of individual immune system. The most important element of the immune system that are improve by immunization which are Tcell, Bcell and antibodies. Immunization is done through various techniques,most commonly vaccines. Vaccines against microorganism that cause of all dieases and infection. This immune system helping to fighton prevent all diseases and infection.

Before vaccine the only way people become immune to a certion diseases was by acctually getting the diseases and surviving it. Immunization are definitely less risky and an easier way to become immune to a particular disease. This is important for both adults and children,in that they can protect us from many diseases out there. Through the use of immunization some infection and diseases are almost completely eradicate throughout the united state and other state of the world. For ex – poilo. Thanks to dedicate health care professional and the parents of children who give vaccine on schedule. polio has been eradicate eliminate in U.S since 1979. It is still found in other parts of the world through certion people could still be a risk. These are include those people who had never take the vaccine, those who didn’t receive all doses of the vaccine. The full vaccination include one dose of BGC,three injection against DPT, three doses of polio and one vaccinne againest the measles.


Jangyaseni Behera
Jangyaseni Behera, M.A. in Journalism

All india levels, even done a door to door campaign. vaccine could not achive a target coverage but it try to spread all over the rural areas of india. in order to public expenditure on health to be a wisely planned with focus on health education and health awareness.



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