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Child Labour

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Child labour is generally speaking work for children that harm them in someway physically,mentally,socially. In india children labour increased day to day.The poor and illitarate parents sent their children to earn money for survive them. It is very harmful and also spoil their future.

Children are not born for work. child labour in india is the practice where children engage in economic activity on part time or fulltime. It is harmful for their physical and mental devolopment.

India is sadly to the home to the largest number of child labour in the world. The census fund on increase in the number of child labours from 11 million in 1991 to 12 million in 2001. M.V foudation in Andhra pradesh found nearly 40,000 children mostly girls between 7-14 years of age working for 14-16 hours a day in cuttonseed production across the country of which 90% are employed in Andhra pradesh. NGO have discovered the use of child labours at mining industry in karnataka. In urban areas there is high employment of children in Zari and Embrodery industry.
Poverty and lack of social school sequrity are the main cause of child labour. The increasing gap between the rich and poor,privatization basic cause of these. Entry of the multi national companies are lead to use of child labour. Lack of quality education has also responsible for that children dropping out of school and entering the labour force.

Jangyaseni Behera, M.A. in Journalism
Jangyaseni Behera, M.A. in Journalism

Child labour are mostly come from low caste groups such as tribal groups. Because their parents are not much of litarate. They can not understand the value of education and not understand the facilities which is given by govt for them. They have not sufficient resources to give quality education to their children. They want money for daily survive. So they don’t care about yheir children future. Child labour are very high risk for phisical and sexual abuse and sometime leading to death…

The constitution of India in the fundamental rights and directive principle of state policy prohibits children labour below the age of 14 years in any factory or any hazardous employment (art-24). The constitution provide infastructure and resources for free and compulsory education to all children for the age 6-14 years (art- 21 and 24)……..


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