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Chamchas and Chaplusi

This article is over 12 years old.

Praising someone to win favor is not a new phenomenon for human being – it exists everywhere and in every culture or society, however in India the flattery culture flourishing more than anything else. We know it very well how the people occupying the important and key positions are surrounded by the flatterers all the time. We can see how the flatterers do not waste a single minute for not praising and flattering to someone who holds a key position.

Flatterers try to outsmart the others in praising the leader or the key position from whom they can get benefit and favor. This praise and flattering for a particular leader or person is not at all a token of respect to the person concerned, it is an expression of flattery in the form of loyalty and an effort to extract some possible benefit with the help of that leader. In particular, they don’t respect the person – however they praise and flatter the person because of the authority and position.

Flatterers are likewise rewarded with the different kind of benefits ranging from – the promotions, responsibilities, perks and so on – to the medium and small financial benefits. Flatterers are found in every place and department. The heads of the organizations, the authorities of any department and concern – who have the power to distribute benefits by favor, are all surrounded by flatterers. These flatterers are not good at work nor they like to work but they have an exceptional potential to win favor of their bosses by bowing down in deceptive respect and uttering sweet words in the praise of their bosses that they like to listen. However in other side, a person who always tells you facts is honest person and doesn’t want from more than what he deserves for his work – always victimized.

There is a race to welcome the boss by the subordinates in the hope of some long term or short term advantage or favor. When a new person takes charge as a head of any department, there is a change in the lists of loyalists too. The old flatterers are replaced by the new ones on the basis of their affinity to the new boss. However, flatterers have inherited quality and they can easily become flatterer to any person where they see benefit. Very good in context and position changing – this is one of their strength and unique characteristics.

The flattery in organization is very peculiar in India. I do not think that the flatterers like in India can be witnessed anywhere in the world. Likewise, the institution of flatterers is very peculiar to our country perhaps rarely found anywhere on the globe in this form. It’s obvious if you are man of authority – you are surrounding by people who flatter you all the times. It’s unfortunate if man of authority likes it – then it gives birth of corruption, favoritism. Moreover you will be kept in delusion that everything is fine under your leadership but truth is it has lot of corruption, favoritism but people cannot reach to you to inform you because your all flatterers do not let them inform you what is going on.

downloadFlattering people always want to please a man of authority with their lies to benefit only themselves from being close to the person. Don’t encourage flatterers (Chamchas) – it will destroy the culture and de-motivate the righteous person. Choose someone who does not easily give up, someone who will not persist in wrong doings, who will not hesitate to pursue right once he knows it, someone whose heart knows no greed, who will not be satisfied with a minimum of explanation without seeking the maximum of understanding, who will be the least impatient in correcting the opponent, the most patient in pursuing the truth, the most stern in meting out judgment and someone who is unaffected by FLATTERY.


Article By : Biraja Prasad Nath


  1. Khusi ka har pal ho aap k liye,
    baharon ka guldasta ho aap k liye,
    kamyabi ki manjil ho aap k liye,
    chalo aab 1 pyari si smile do hamare liye.
    DO NA


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