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Bursting Top 7 Myths on Web Hosting

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Bursting Top 7 Myths on Web Hosting

According to, “47 percent of visitors expect a website to load in less than 2 seconds, and 40 percent of visitors will leave the website if the loading process takes more than 3 seconds.” Also, Google uses site speed and page speed as key signals while ranking websites on search engine results pages.

No website owners get more visitors from popular search engines and keep the visitors engaged without focusing on website speed and website optimization. The right web hosting service helps website owners to speed up websites by providing adequate storage space, bandwidth, and other resources. But website owners often fail to choose the right web hosting services believing in some common web hosting myths.

Debunking 7 of the Biggest Web Hosting Myths and Misconceptions

  1. Web hosting services are not required after registering the website domain

Many website owners still do not know the differences between web hosting and domain name. Many web hosting service providers these days help clients to register domains. But domain name acts only as of the website’s address on the internet. On the other hand, the web host acts as the website’s home where the website owner stores all the resources required to run the website. Hence, the website owners need both web hosting and domain registration to launch and run websites.

  1. There are no differences between web hosting services

Many website owners believe that each web hosting service providers offer identical web hosting services. But the website owners have the option to choose from different types of web hosting – dedicated server hosting, share service hosting, managed hosting, cloud hosting, and virtual private server hosting. Hence, web hosting services differ from each other in several categories – storage space, bandwidth, server response time, technical support, and cost.

  1. Free web hosting is as good as paid web hosting

Many website owners prefer free web hosting to paid web hosting to save money. But they forget that free web hosting packages are less reliable than paid web hosting packages. The free web hosting packages often impact the website’s user experience by technical assistance and support on time. Many free web hosting providers even generate revenue by placing advertisements on the website. Hence, website owners cannot convert website visitors into customers without subscribing to pain web hosting services.

  1. It is difficult to afford paid web hosting services

Many website owners believe that paid web hosting services are too expensive. As noted earlier, web hosting service providers allow website owners to choose from a wide range of paid web hosting services. A website owner can easily curtail costs by choosing the appropriate web hosting package. For instance, shared hosting plans are less expensive than dedicated server hosting plans. Likewise, cloud hosting services enable the website owner to avail of required resources based on the pay-as-you-use pricing model.

  1. Web Hosting Services is Inflexible

Many website owners believe that web hosting services are not flexible enough to meet changing resource needs and accommodate an increase in website traffic. But the leading web hosting providers these days allow website owners to avail additional resources on demand. Also, they allow clients to switch and upgrade existing web hosting packages to access more resources. Hence, a website owner can access the right web hosting services just like other flexible online services.

  1. Some web hosting packages offer unlimited features or resources

While promoting their web service servicers, many companies these days promise unlimited resources or features. Many website owners subscribe to such web hosting plans with the intention to avail unlimited resources. They even do not read the terms of service while subscribing to such packages. The website owners must read the terms of service carefully to check the exact amount of resources – bandwidth, service space, and RAM – provided by the company.

  1. Only eCommerce businesses need to have paid web hosting services

Many website owners believe that paid web hosting services are essential only for online businesses and eCommerce businesses. They forget the simple fact that no website can attract more visitors and prevent visitor abandonment without delivering an outstanding online experience. Many website owners these days generate revenue by placing advertisements and monetizing blogs. They cannot generate revenue and beat competition without availing the resources required to speed up the website and minimize website downtime.

Website owners can easily choose the right web hosting service provider by debunking some of these web hosting myths. However, it is also important for them to compare web hosting services using a set of parameters. The comparison will help them to subscribe to a web hosting service that is both suitable and affordable.


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