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Pattachitra Painting Arts of Odisha

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Pattachitra is a traditional cloth-based scroll painting of Odisha. These paintings are known for their rich colorful application and intricate details of Hindu mythological stories and folktales. Most of these paintings are closely coupled with the worship of Lord Jagannatha, and stories from the Ramayan, Mahabharath, and of Radha & Krishna.

Pattachitra name meaning

The name Pattachitra evolved from the Sanskrit word “Patta” which “canvas” and “Chitra” means “picture”.


Pattachitra Origin and History

In Odisha, several castes exist like Maharana, Mahapatra, Sunar, Swain, Sahoo, Godia, Pandit, Naik, and Pradhan. Castes that master in Patachitra and Palm leaf paintings area are Maharana, Mahapatras, Sahoo, and Swain. There are 50-60 families practicing Patachitra paintings and around 30-40 families doing Palm leaf painting. Other castes derive pleasure creating crafts like cow-dung toys, picket toys, stone carving, papier mache, coconut shell painting. the most occupation of the individuals here area unit the crafts they derive pleasure, excluding these, they apply farming additionally.

Pattachitra Theme & Style

Patta Chitra could be a spiritual painting its return from a tiny low village Raghurajpur close to Puri, in Odisha. ‘Patta’ in Indo-Aryan means that ‘Vastra’ or ‘clothing’ Chitra means that painting. These paintings are done on palm-leaf manuscripts. it’s a conventional drawing vogue from Odisha. pictures area unit carven or etched in dried palm leaves during this art vogue. Patachitra paintings were historically drawn by the maharanas, the initial performer caste in Odisha. These paintings became a very important form with the ornamentation of Lord Jagannatha within the innermost sanctum. The themes were a social group and portray. the standard colors utilized in the Patta Chitra art area unit red, ochre, indigo, green, black, and white all obtained from natural sources like Hingula, Ramaraja, Haritala, lamp black, and shells. The brushes area unit crude made from the hair of sheep. For tourists visiting Odisha, Patachitras type a very important memento item. For them, special memento mementos representing the utsava image, and therefore the central sanctuary of the Puri temple is painted on the Pata Chitra.


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