A political activist at cross road..looking for the street light

I am a political activist,no qualm in confessing it..Even if I’m of very grass roots level,doing it just as my noble right being a constituent of a system called Democracy.I neither inherit a legacy,nor wearing my father’s shoes,neither holding my maa’s saree strings in to it.I do not adopt the culture of Gun’s and Goons…My motto being in the politics is that to be a public voice in available forum(s)…may be in the street.I do not consider it as an business investment and source of power to utilize for individual richness.

But,I’m pained to see the people’s reciprocation…Being in politics..One ought to give chanda,chitha(distributions of largesse..),scope to loot,be a sycophant of all kind of stupidities,harbor all unwanted elements of the society…spoil the already rotting system further..I’m against it.Few well wishers came to day;advised me to amend my style.I just refused.
All these well wishers of mine got a real swelling face…I pity them…I’m me ..Siddharth…I hv my convictions:Politics is for me a real noble system of peoples efforts for Governance…and if,the system of governance failed…It..should be the voice of decent organized..but politics shouldn’t be a money making machine…nor the arrangement to buy the system through money…dynasties etc..These kinda mindset weaken the best possible system.

I invite discussion/criticism/even suggestions for my self criticism..I do wish for a people efforts for strengthening a political system…I wish to be supplemented..

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